CounterFighters Enusres you get authentic drugs

laboratory testing

We are going to set a laboratory that will be able to verify and test that all medicine being sold in the market contain active ingrdients, and advice the public on the findings and where to get authentic medicine


People will be allowed to send a text message to a shortcode, for example 22384 to validate if a drug is authentic or not. We shall also provide an SMS platform whereby users can validate any purchased drugs. Your health is our concern

Validating of Drugs

Working with the leading pharmaceutical companies, we shall validate all your drugs before they are sent into the market, ensure that companies regain their revenue

About US

CounterFighters Ensures you get authentic drugs

  • Our Humble Beginnings

    We are a company that started its vision at Africa Nazarene university during an inter university competition called “Impact week” 2015, we formed this company after our founder Emmanuel Rusaka experienced this tragedy with his mom, who was victim of fake medication. George and Emmanuel came together and decided to fight and advocate for this problem. you need to know that Counterfiet medicine not only deprive sick people of real treatment, but they make some of the world most dangerous disesas stronger. We need to act before we count again deaths due to this probelm

    We are also registered by the government of Kenya under the name: PAUBE LTD, hence our operations are legal and recognized

  • A team if born

    We developed the concern of counterfeit drug which is a serious problem the world is facing now especialy in developing nations, statistics shows that more than 100,000 kids die annually due to anti-maleria drugs, in 2010, revenue gained from 45 million anti maleria medicine worth $438 million, Higher than the GDP of Guinea Bissau. What our data will be able to tell pharmaceutical,is the accurate market size they are loosing, and as well it will be able to tell the goverment the scope of the problem, this is why thought of how to curb this economic and healthcare gap.

  • Our Objectives are:

    1. Improve and advocate for healthcare regulations
    2. Ensure everyone can have access to authentic medicine
    3. decrease the annual number of deaths published due to counterfeit medicine.
    4. Increase life expectation of individuals by providing proper medication
    5. Having a country free of counterfeit market

  • What we are made of

    Our Mission

    Being a company that will see a country free of counterfeit drug

    Our Vision

    To have a country free of counterfeit market and improve the standard living of all individuals by providing medicine verification and validation services for every medicine purchased

  • Be Part
    Of Our

Our Amazing Team

CounterFighters Ensures you get authentic drugs

Emmanuel Rusaka Aksanti

Founder & CEO

George Mwaura

Founder and IT Manager

Kelvin Scentero

Business & Finance Director

Nathaniel Graham


Venturing and investing in our business, is saving and improving your life, your children life, your family' life and your country as whole. It’s time to fight counterfeit medicine NOW, if not now,then Right Now


CounterFighter Ensures you get authentic drugs

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